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Did You See The School Rating?

The real estate website has a commercial out called “Long Distance.” A young family is communicating to each other via skype or facetime because one parent is serving in the military. The couple is looking at different properties, trying

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Sports, Education, and Gentrification

From Rio to Chicago, poor people of color are under attack as local leaders attempt to gentrify the city. Their lives and communities are being upended and destroyed. Displacement and a huge increase in police enforcement in Brazil, making way

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David Letterman and Teach For America

David Letterman is a legendary figure in comedy and television. He recently received the highest honor an American performer can be given at the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors in Washington D.C. From the Kennedy Center website: In 1992 he

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Racism in Chicago

Last week I was glued to my phone and computer; riveted by the livestream and reading every live tweet from the Chicago school closings protest. The teachers, parents, students, and every human being that participated are heroes. This racist policy

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